Managed Sites

Active management of sites by experienced Infoclin personals helps display potential sites with Experienced Investigators with rapid support around Investigators to focus on patient care, bullet recruitment and Study conduct with quality regulatory documentation.
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Operational Model

The Infoclin Model Offers a single point of contact for the study Metrix, communications and decision making across the site network.
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Faster Trial Milestone

Infoclin generates efficiencies across the site network resulting faster mile stones, shared learnings and continuous improvement at the project level with good quality documentation.
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a few words about us

Infoclin is a Clinical Research Site Solutions Organization for global biopharmaceutical sponsors to optimize drug development.

Our endeavour is to improve clinical Research conduct by:

Deploying best-in-class clinical research site solutions that deliver efficient, predictable, auditable and ethical clinical trials Creation of scalable technology platforms to access clinical research sites and patient networks in emerging markets Partnering with networks of hospitals, doctors and patients, Infoclin helps create an ecosystem for pharmaceutical research and better health.

IFL(Infoclin Consultancy) Differ
  • IFL (Infoclin Consultancy) provides the unique combination of local and global support to the client for their projects.
  • The key differentiators include: More than 150 man years of experience in managing global and domestic clinical research projects
  • Medical expertise to support the global client on a 24/7 basis
  • Site centric model to support in the day-to-day activities
  • Highly experienced and trained Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC) to support the site team and generate high quality data
  • CRC support for audio-visual consenting procedures
  • Regulatory support for global and domestic clients
  • Coordinate with EC for timely submission, follow up and approval
  • Project and site specific recruitment activities for faster enrolment
  • Timely submission of safety reports to the EC and the regulatory
  • Experienced in regularity inspections

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Infoclin is a Clinical Research Site Solutions Organization

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